A corner shop in Bangalore
























This is a corner shop in Bangalore

You would think that these shops are vulnerable to be wiped out by supermarkets. Though corner shops account for more than 90% of grocery sales in India. The owners of these shops know their customers by name, know their tastes and allow them to settle bills once a month; something a supermarket finds difficult to do.

Black and White Portraiture


Black and White Portraiture

This year, my family and I travelled to Nürnberg to celebrate Christmas together with both families. I usually photograph Janika, his sister, since she has a cool look, and models quite often for photos made by her older sister. Though, this time I got confronted with the fact that on close to a fourth of the photos on my website, she’s the model. So instead of photographing her again, I asked her brother if he wanted to be photographed. Luckily he was happy to make some pictures with me, and I started creating a concept with the realization that I hadn’t shot black and white portraiture session for a very long time. Continue reading